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What is an IO?

IO is the acronym used for insertion order. It should be understood that the texts posted on our resource are scientific papers that help to understand or better reveal certain scientific questions or theses from previous research. And that is why it is so important that the material you attract is literate and verified, written according to all standards, you can contact so that your work satisfies all the criteria.

A complete C&EN classified ad insertion order is an e-mail consisting of:


What is Fast Close?

Space is not guaranteed for insertions received after ad close date since the number of pages has been set and the issue is already in production. Fast Close is an insertion accepted after the ad close date of an issue. Pending space is available for the issue already in production, insertion orders may be accepted after the ad close date with a 15% premium over standard rates.

Fast Close insertions are accepted on a first completed and received basis pending space availability.  E-mail or call 202-872-4593 for immediate assistance and availability to fast close your insertion.

Can I pay with a Credit Card?

You may pay by credit card in lieu of a purchase order by faxing a credit card form. Click here to download credit card form. Please confirm form was sent in your email.

Can I have my ad posted online?

Have us post your ad online at C&EN. C&EN Jobs (formerly ACS Careers Jobs Database) offers an extensive network of jobs and employment opportunities for chemists and scientific professionals

We will post your text for you in four week increments at reduced rates with your print insertion order, text will be live the first print mail date. The cost is an additional:

$150 = four weeks online
$200 = eight weeks online
$225 = eight weeks online and feature job option.
$375 = 12 weeks online

This option provides a significant discount with your print IO. To post directly online at the site is $400/position for 30 days and the featured job option is an additional $150 for a total of $550.

Increase your company’s exposure by Featuring your job! Your ad will be where it belongs—in front of the industry’s most qualified job seekers—with few others to contend with. By having your open position on the job seekers main page and featured in the search results, you get prime exposure and top billing with the industry’s most sought-after talent.

Can I have my ad posted online before the mail date in my IO?

We do not post ads prior to the first mail date in the print IO. If you would like your ad to be posted online sooner, ask about the Fast Close option or post it directly at the website at the standard rate of $400/position.

What if I just want to post my ad online only?

Go to and click on "Post your Jobs". Create an account by clicking on the the "Create a new account" button (if you do not already have one). The system will ask you to input some basic information about your company, contact information, and billing information. You will also be requested to select a password. Once you have registered, you can click on the "Post a Job" tab and the system will take you step-by-step through posting your job. If you need technical assistance any time during the process, you can e-mail or call (toll free) 1-888-667-7988.


An online posting of your print insertion order (same ad & text) is only an additional $150 for four weeks. We will have the ad posted for you and you don't have to do a thing after completing your print insertion order (IO). For a total of $850, your ad can appear (up to 10 lines) in print ($650) and be posted online ($200) for eight weeks.

Can I get credit toward my print insertion order since I already posted my ad online?

C&EN newsmagazine is not able to give credit for postings made directly online and is only able to offer a discounted rate to post your ad for you at C&EN Jobs site effective the mail date of your print insertion order.

What's the difference between running an ad in C&EN and online at ACS Careers?

C&EN is a newsmagazine published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). All organizations are able to run print classified and line ads in all its weekly issues . The ACS has a central job board C&EN Jobs, formerly located at ACS Careers, for the entire society that serves organizations who are recruiting and candidates applying for jobs.

C&EN is published weekly and distributed to more than 160,000 global readers either in print or electronic format. C&EN Jobs is an online job site portal with more than 40,000 registered job seekers looking for employment and organizations recruiting qualified candidates in the chemical sciences.

Note: ACS members can still find valuable career resources – including career fairs, consulting, and workshops at ACS Careers:

Can I include a logo with my line ad?

Include a logo in your classified line ad for greater visibility. The high-resolution grayscale logo that you provide we be proportionally placed on 6 lines in height and billed the same $65/line rate ($390). The cost of a color logo is $1000 (6x65/line=$390 + $610 CMYK Logo premium) for the insertion of a CMYK logo.

Images must be CMYK or Grayscale, TIFF or EPS, and at least 300 dpi.
- No RGB or JPEG images
- Do not embed ICC profiles within images

Can I have special formatting applied to my text?

The production staff will follow bold and italic formatting and hard returns in supplied document, within reason. This also applies to style and proofing  following C&EN Classified Department guidelines. Upon request by the advertiser in the IO, text will be set with blank line spaces as placed in the supplied document. NOTE: The advertiser is charged $65/line rate for EACH line: full, partial, or blank.

Can I see a proof of what my ad will look like?

We send a courtesy draft proof of ad before releasing for press, excluding Fast Closed ads.