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What's That Stuff?
October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Flavor

Popular lattes and treats contain no pumpkin, but boast plenty of food chemistry
By Carmen Drahl
December 2, 2013

Wrinkle-Free Cotton

A range of cross-linking fabric treatments smooth out jeans and shirts
June 10, 2013


Wheat makes a vegetarian alternative to meat
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July 2, 2012

Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Fighting sweat and its odor for more than a century
April 23, 2012

Pink Slime

Ammonia’s the player in this beleaguered meat product
October 24, 2011

Blue Jeans

Making the iconic pants requires both color-addition and color-removal chemistry
November 8, 2010

Hair Straighteners

Cross-linkers, redox chemistry, or high pH, all in the name of beauty
October 11, 2010


A combination of liquefied propellant and tire sealant helps stranded motorists
September 6, 2010

Road Markings

Pigments, polymers, and reflective spheres help keep you safe on the road

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