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Exploiting "DalPhos" Ligands in Challenging
Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions


Tuesday, October 19, 2011

USA 11:30 a.m. EDT / 10:30 a.m. CDT / 8:30 a.m. PDT Europe 5:30 p.m. Berlin / 4:30 p.m. London


Who should attend?

• Organic Chemists

• Organometallic Chemists.

• Pharmaceutical Chemists.

• Anyone involved in synthetic methodology in academic or corporate labs.


Professor Mark Stradiotto
Dalhousie University
Killam Professor of Chemistry


Stuart A. Borman
Senior Editor

This webinar will discuss how palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling has emerged as an effective synthetic methodology that is employed in both academic and industrial settings for constructing C-C, C-N and other sigma-bonds. Significant research effort has been directed toward evaluating how modifying various reaction parameters, perhaps most notably the ancillary co-ligand, influences the outcome of the cross-coupling reaction. Consequently, several highly effective classes of ligands/catalysts have emerged that offer broad substrate scope at relatively low catalyst loadings. Despite such progress, a number of challenges still remain, including the establishment of highly efficient and selective catalysts that can monoarylate simple and abundant substrates that feature multiple reactive C-H or N-H bonds.

Participants Will Learn:

• Overview of Buchwald-Hartwig amination (ligand design, catalytic cycle).

• Development of the DalPhos ligand family.

• Reactivity applications in monoarylation (ammonia, hydrazine, acetone).

• Stoichiometric reactivity studies directed toward understanding the behavior of the Mor-DalPhos ligand in catalytic chemistry.

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