September 1, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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September 1, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 35
September 1, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 35

Aiming For HIV’s Weak Spot

Scientists seek ways to block the virus before it can infect a single cell
By Bethany Halford
(pp. 14-21)

Life Sciences Come To Life In New York

Long in the shadow of other research hubs, city starts to develop critical mass (pp. 24-29)
Career & Employment

2014 Salaries & Employment

Unemployment fell but salaries didn’t budge, according to survey of ACS members (pp. 68-71)
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News of the Week

China Reveals R&D Spending

Investment: Researchers use financial disclosures to give first glimpse of government’s science spending

Mid-Atlantic Methane Mystery

Environment: Scientists discover gas seeps off of East Coast

Roche To Buy Intermune

Acquisition: Swiss drugmaker expands in respiratory disease field with $8.3 billion purchase of one-drug firm

A Step Toward Making Painkillers Without Poppies

Bioengineering: Modified yeast produce morphine and semisynthetic opioids starting from thebaine

Carbon Tetrachloride Emissions Continue Despite Ban

Researchers estimate releases of stratospheric-ozone-depleting chemical average 39,000 tons per year even though the Montreal protocol has severely restricted its use

Drug Assembly On-Site

Drug Delivery: Click reaction links small molecules to form larger potential drug inside cells

Japan Proposes Influenza Drug To Treat Ebola

Pharmaceuticals: Country says Fujifilm’s favipiravir is available

Improved Route To Chiral Amines

Biocatalysis: Amine donor eliminates by-product inhibition in ω-transaminase-based synthesis

LyondellBasell To Build U.S. Propylene Oxide Plant

Shale gas drives investment in the propylene derivative




Long in the shadow of other research hubs, city starts to develop critical mass
(pp. 24-29)
Industry and academic technology initiatives are readied in the shadow of pending independence vote
(pp. 34-37)
Academics and technology firms seek to reduce the growing problem of electronic waste from old cell phones
(pp. 30-33)
Concentrates(pp. 22-23)
  1. Malaysia Petrochemical Complex Moves Ahead
  2. DuPont Slapped With Fine For Leak
  3. Dow Helps Improve Fracking Sands
  4. Vitamin C In, BPA Out For Receipts
  5. Agrium Boosts Stake In Biotech Firm
  6. Crop Protection Start-ups Raise Funds
  7. Lockheed Martin Buys Sun Catalytix
  8. Pharma Group RX-360 Advances In India
  9. Lockheed Martin Buys Sun Catalytix
  10. DSM Invests In More Fish Oil
  11. J&J Buys Option On ViaCyte Therapy
  12. Illumina Forms Diagnostics Pact With Big Pharma
  13. DPx Will Acquire Biologics Producer
  14. AB Sciex, Dalton Join For Analysis
  15. Business Roundup

ACS News

Snapshots from the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco
(pp. 66-69)
The American Association of Chemistry Teachers aims to bring K–12 teachers into the larger chemistry community

Government & Policy

World’s largest CO2-nabbing project could give a boost to coal
A year after new K–12 science standards were finalized, advocates are encouraged by their spread, but challenges remain
(pp. 43-45)
Future of Chemical Safety Board uncertain as Congress attacks its chairman
(pp. 40-42)
  1. NRC Resumes Licensing After Revising Waste-Storage Rules
  2. NIH Revamps Policy On Genomic Data
  3. PVC Targeted As Hazardous Waste
  4. Nine Chemicals Added To High-Concern List
  5. No Fault Found In CO2 Cost Estimates


A pioneering program prepares underrepresented undergraduates to be leaders in science
(pp. 60-61)
ACS Meeting News: Teams use food to showcase scientific concepts during kitchen chemistry contest
(pp. 58-59)

Science & Technology

ACS Meeting News: Computational method removes artifacts from high-throughput screening assay hit lists
(pp. 56-57)
Scientists seek ways to block the virus before it can infect a single cell
(pp. 14-21)
ACS Meeting News: Symposium addressed selectivity, dosing of orexin receptor antagonists
(pp. 52-55)
Concentrates(pp. 48-49)
  1. New Painkiller On The Block
  2. A New And Improved Cyclic Polyphosphate
  3. Microbe Thrives In Red-Light District
  4. Probing The Kinetics Of Wine Barrel Oxygen
  5. Xenon Quells Rat Response To Traumatic Memories
  6. Viral Coat Protein Guides Self-Assembly
  7. Green Cross-Coupling Affordably Sized Up
  8. Enzyme Stabilizes RNA On Nanoparticles

Career & Employment

Unemployment fell but salaries didn’t budge, according to survey of ACS members
(pp. 68-71)



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Letters(pp. 4-6)
  1. Enabling Flexible Buildings
  2. Needed: Safe Preservatives
  3. Oblivious To Science?