July 29, 2013 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 29, 2013 Issue

Volume 91, Issue 30

July 29, 2013 Issue, Vol. 91 | Iss. 30

Global Top 50

C&EN’s 2013 survey shows leading chemical firms are pausing after a period of growth
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 13-16)
Government & Policy

Energy Production The Estonian Way

Technology from the Baltic country may hold the key to effectively turning shale rock into fuel (pp. 25-27)
ACS News

246th ACS National Meeting

Indianapolis, Sept. 8–12 (p.45)
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News of the Week

End Of An Era At DuPont

Restructuring: CEO Kullman says older chemical businesses no longer fit with firm’s science strategy

B Family Album

Structural Biology: First structures of class B G protein-coupled receptors may aid drug hunts

Congress Revisits Biofuels Mandate

Energy Policy: Lawmakers could revise Renewable Fuel Standard

Branching Out In Different Ways

Carbohydrate Chemistry: New synthetic strategy leads to asymmetrically branched N-glycans

Neighbors Of Planned Chemical Complex Get Buyout Offer

Shale Gas: Sasol offers to help relocate homeowners near giant project

Chemistry Olympiad Results

Education: China, South Korea, and Taiwan dominate the international competition

Fracking Study Criticized

Environment: Republicans attack EPA study of gas-extraction technique and water safety

Science Scouts: Boy Scouts try their hand at chemistry experiments at jamboree


Volatile Time For Chemical Makers

Second-quarter earnings: Diverse conditions across sectors and regions led to ups and downs



Clariant’s chief executive officer explains why discipline matters in the business of chemistry
Rice University’s Alliance wins top spot among business incubators
(pp. 20-21)
C&EN’s 2013 survey shows leading chemical firms are pausing after a period of growth
(pp. 13-16)
Concentrates(pp. 18-19)
  1. GSK Probe Expands In China
  2. FMC Buys Epax For Omega-3 Oils
  3. BASF Sells Wall Systems Company
  4. Polyethylene Links Ineos And Sasol
  5. Ashland Eyes Sale Of Two Businesses
  6. Lonza Takes More Restructuring Steps
  7. Monsanto Ditches GM Crops In Europe
  8. Medina, Mendel Join For Natural Products
  9. Dye Solar Cells Hit New Record
  10. Drugmakers Agree To Disclose Data
  11. Lilly In Second Deal With Canadian Firm
  12. Biotech Venture Funding Surges
  13. Quest Diagnostics Sells Drug Royalties
  14. Business Roundup

ACS News

Society honors 96 members for their contributions to science and the profession
(pp. 40-41)
Indianapolis, Sept. 8–12
  1. CAS Selects Future Leaders
  2. George Fisher Transfers Prize Money To Students
  3. ACS Receives Estate Gift From Lester Krogh
  1. Karle Dies At 94
  2. Michael Bárány
  3. Jon T. (Tom) Dols

Government & Policy

Technology from the Baltic country may hold the key to effectively turning shale rock into fuel
(pp. 25-27)
  1. EPA Expands Safer Ingredients List
  2. NIH To Support Big Data Centers
  3. Report Evaluates America Competes Law
  4. Court Upholds Ozone Pollution Standard
  5. Government Roundup


Author insists ‘atomically precise manufacturing’ will transform civilization, but he’s not dealing with reality
(pp. 36-37)

Science & Technology

Advance in chiral amine synthesis positions engineered enzymes for an enhanced role in organic synthesis
(pp. 34-35)
Cutting-edge research evokes themes from an article covering 88 years of meetings past
(pp. 31-33)
Concentrates(pp. 28-29)
  1. New Flexible Electronic Sensor Is Lightest And Thinnest Yet
  2. Catching Cashmere Fakes
  3. Chemists Collaborate To Make Citrinadin Alkaloids
  4. Device Detects Drugs In Saliva
  5. Easier Way To Diagnose Plague
  6. Nanoparticles Keep Immune Cells From Doing Their Job
  7. Clathrate Expands Thermoelectrics List
  8. No Fish Required For Omega-3 Fatty Acid



Editor's Page



Letters(pp. 4-5)
  1. Bang-Up Drug Delivery
  2. Adequate Thought On Open Access
  3. ‘Shout-Out To Industry Chemists’
  4. Drop The Impact Factors
  5. Productive Partnerships