November 26, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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November 26, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 48
November 26, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 48

Synthesis Equipment Allows For Hands-off Chemistry

Microwave and flow chemistry tools boost chemists' efficiency
By Ann M. Thayer
(pp. 12-17)
Government & Policy

Leaders Meet In Doha To Negotiate Climate Change Commitments

UN gathering seeks to extend Kyoto protocol and pave the way for negotiations on a new treaty (pp. 26-27)
Science & Technology

The Coral-Seaweed Battleground

Under attack by toxic seaweeds, corals summon help from a friendly fish (pp. 32-34)
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News of the Week

Barton Wins ACS President-Elect

ACS News: Board directors are also selected in society’s annual elections

Ethanol Stays In The Mix

Biofuels: EPA denies request to suspend biofuels mandate despite rising corn prices

Water Shell Undergoes Structural Changes

Structure: Hydration shell around hydrophobic molecules changes with temperature and solute size

Strict Enforcement Of Open Access Policy

NIH to withhold funding from grantees who fail to deposit research papers in public archive

Sunlight Plus Nanoparticles Generates Steam

Energy: Solar-driven evaporation may enable off-grid applications

House Approves Russia Trade Bill

Commerce: U.S. chemical industry eyes greater access to a market closed since the Soviet era

Inspecting Influenza

Structural Biology: Researchers get a closer look at the genetic package of a deadly scourge

A New Terpene Synthase

Plant Biology: Researchers discover how plants make unusual cyclic iridoids

U.S. Alleges Insider Drug Company Trading

Government accuses traders of using nonpublic information to make huge profits from pharmaceutical company stocks




Firm is seeking the most effective ways to collaborate
French firm SNF gains strength from global demand for clean water and hydrocarbon fuels
(pp. 20-21)
Maverick chemical engineer keeps up the push for process design in the drug industry
Microwave and flow chemistry tools boost chemists' efficiency
(pp. 12-17)
Concentrates(pp. 18-19)
  1. Chemical Deals Stay Level
  2. BASF Pushes Further Into Omega-3 Market
  3. Indorama Is Planning U.S. Polyester Plant
  4. Nova Chemicals Drops Styrenics Sale
  5. KiOR Starts Up Cellulosic Oil Unit
  6. Thermo Fisher Opens Chinese Factory
  7. BASF Readies Cathode Facility In Ohio
  8. DuPont Unveils Russian R&D Center
  9. Mitsubishi Gobbles Carbon Fiber Users
  10. Reckitt Outbids Bayer For Schiff Nutrition
  11. JAK Inhibitors Target Arthritis
  12. Shire Boosts R&D In Rare Diseases
  13. Cystic Fibrosis Group To Support Pfizer R&D
  14. Business Roundup

ACS News

Influential book catalyzed the modern environmental movement
(pp. 38-39)
(pp. 38-39)
(pp. 38-39)
(pp. 38-39)
(pp. 38-39)
  1. Whistler Award To Peter Seeberger
  2. Arieh Warshel Wins Biophysical Chemistry Award
  3. Melanie Sanford Awarded Thieme-IUPAC Prize
  4. Herty Medal Seeks Nominations
  5. Nominations Open For Morley Medal
  6. Call For Nominations For Baekeland Award
Obituaries(pp. 41-42)
  1. Malcolm C. Crew
  2. William K. Higby
  3. Jerome P. Horwitz
  4. William J. Kush
  5. Arthur E. Marcinkowsky
  6. William C. Scheuermann
  7. Robert W. Wannemacher Jr.
  8. Paul B. Weisz
  9. David J. Wylie
  10. Richard O. Yelton

Government & Policy

Presidential push drives federal agencies to five-year goals for moving their science into commerce
(pp. 28-29)
UN gathering seeks to extend Kyoto protocol and pave the way for negotiations on a new treaty
(pp. 26-27)
  1. NIH Won’t Merge Addiction Institutes
  2. Hudson River Cleanup Hits Midpoint
  3. Metrics Identified For Science Education
  4. Global Emissions Trends Analyzed
  5. $4.5 Billion Settles BP Oil Spill Case

Science & Technology

Three months into the Curiosity mission on Mars, the rover is carefully collecting samples and testing, but real science is still ramping up
Under attack by toxic seaweeds, corals summon help from a friendly fish
(pp. 32-34)
  1. Tomato Defense Weapons
  2. New Neurodegeneration Sites Found
  3. Tiny Technology Promising For MS
  4. How Bacteria Make Mushrooms Rot To A Pulp
  5. Quantum Description Of Two-Molecule Collisions



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Letters(pp. 4-5)
  1. Important Omission
  2. A Material Matter