June 25, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 25, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 26
June 25, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 26
Managing nonrenewable mineral resources will increasingly challenge sustainability of the chemical enterprise
By Stephen K. Ritter
(pp. 12-18)

The Drugs That May Never Be Used

With government help, many small companies are trying to create a medical arsenal (pp. 23-26)
ACS News
Philadelphia, Aug. 19­–23 (p.51)
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News of the Week

UN Summit Backs A Green Economy

International: Governments meeting in Brazil seek a new model for economic development

Chemical Outlook Dims For Europe

Economy: Trade group lowers forecast for growth in the EU to zero

New Rules May Ax Flame Retardants

Chemicals: State revision to decades-old standard could have nationwide consequences

Recognizing Green Chemistry Achievements

Honors: Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards highlight innovations that prevent pollution and promote sustainability
(pp. 9-10)

Senate Rejects Bid To Kill Mercury Regulation

EPA rule that mandates coal-fired power plants to monitor emissions remains intact, but the Senate is divided over the issue

Shifts In Pharma Noted At BIO

Biotechnology: Annual conference focuses on a new world of drug research and funding

Anticancer Prospect Made From Scratch

Total Synthesis: Chemists map route to natural product (+)-fusarisetin A

Single Amino Acid Forms Fibrils

Amyloid Disease: Phenylalanine aggregates may have a role in phenylketonuria

U.S. Team Selected For Chemistry Olympiad

Team of 4 high school students will compete in 44th International Chemistry Olympiad




At its inaugural analyst meeting, Bruker highlights sales growth opportunities for 2012
(pp. 27-28)
With government help, many small companies are trying to create a medical arsenal
(pp. 23-26)
Concentrates(pp. 20-21)
  1. Cabot To Acquire Norit
  2. Air Products Buying Chilean Gases Firm
  3. Evonik Cancels IPO, Again …
  4. … And Plans Lysine Facility In Brazil
  5. Dow Corning Opens Solar R&D Center
  6. Arkema And Total Invest In France
  7. Gevo, Butamax Move On Isobutyl Alcohol
  8. Belgian, Danish Firms Hike Asian Catalysts
  9. Bluestar Silicones Opens New Facility
  10. Fujifilm, Lonza Boost Biotech Capabilities
  11. Merck Serono Sets Plan For Europe
  12. BMS And Scripps Join For Drug Discovery
  13. Drug Conjugates Link Merck And Ambrx
  14. Business Roundup

ACS News

Philadelphia, Aug. 19­–23
  1. Yinsheng Wang Receives Young Investigator Award
  2. Timothy Lodge Wins Minnesota Award
  3. Graduate Environmental Chemistry Awards Announced
  4. Teri Odom Receives Akron Award
  5. Morley Medal To Malcolm Chisholm
  6. Daniel Gamelin Is Inorganic Nanoscience Awardee

Government & Policy

Industry says deep cuts would damage chemical facility antiterrorism program
(pp. 35-36)
Developmental biologist leads NIH flagship institute through tough economic times
Congress, White House finally set to act on 2009 report calling for big changes to forensic science
(pp. 32-34)
  1. U.K. Panel Charts Path To Open Access
  2. Earthquake Risk Of Energy Technologies
  3. EPA Tightens Rule For Soot Pollution
  4. HHS Creates Vaccine, Biodefense Centers
  5. How Universities Can Avert Decline


Uneven argument for elimination or tighter regulation of many foods, beverages, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements
(pp. 44-45)

Science & Technology

Glycans in natural mummies survive for thousands of years
(pp. 42-43)
Russia founds a new private university as part of a multi-billion-dollar science and technology city
(pp. 40-41)
Managing nonrenewable mineral resources will increasingly challenge sustainability of the chemical enterprise
(pp. 12-18)
Concentrates(pp. 38-39)
  1. Shrub’s Chemistry Makes Mice Spit Seeds
  2. Method Better Pins Down Antibodies
  3. Mass Spec Tracks Down Designer Drugs
  4. Proteomics Takes The Middle Road
  5. Hip Replacement Wear And Tear
  6. Three-Part Catalyst Works Like A Charm
  7. Fluorine-Bond Donors Escort Anions Past Membranes
  8. Rice Pathogen’s Trick Revealed

Editor's Page


  1. Growth In Jobs
  2. Overpopulation Is The Problem
  3. Beware Of PFOA