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February 13, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 7

February 13, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 7

Odd Couplings

Drug firms engage in nontraditional research partnerships in a bid to get closer to the patient
By Rick Mullin
(pp. 12-19)
Government & Policy

Biosecurity: An Evolving Challenge

Scientific advances have increased the risk of a biological terror attack (pp. 30-32)
Science & Technology

Picturing Biology

Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry answers biological questions (pp. 39-40)
Back Issues

Cover Story: Odd Couplings

License-Based Collaboration Advances As An Alternative To Acquisition
(pp. 18-19)

News of the Week

Stealing Trade Secrets

Technology Theft: Chinese-owned firm, former DuPont employees indicted

Indorama Expands U.S. Footprint

Plastics: Purchase of Old World Industries’ ethylene glycol plant brings a needed raw material

Materials Scientist Charged With Fraud

Prosecution: Former Penn State researcher is accused of misusing $3 million in federal grants

Metals’ Role In Odor Sensing

Neuroscience: Some mouse olfaction receptors need the help of copper, study shows

Rockwood Expands Lithium Carbonate

Project is intended to meet rising demand for lithium-ion batteries

GSK Assesses Its R&D Strategy

Pharmaceuticals: More molecules enter late-stage pipeline under biotech-like approach to research

Molecular Mimic of Solid Catalyst

Metal-organics: Synthetic compound possesses key yet uncommon nanoparticle feature

Enforcement: EPA Deal Stops Production Of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins


Obama Hosts Science Fair

Finalists: Student projects show value of investing in science education



Manufacturers in China pay more for water, face more scrutiny in their water use
(pp. 22-23)
USDA’s BioPreferred program aims to bolster the market for renewable materials, but few labs do the testing
(pp. 24-25)
Drug firms engage in nontraditional research partnerships in a bid to get closer to the patient
(pp. 12-19)
Companies cope with risk factors of new therapies
(pp. 26-27)
Concentrates(pp. 20-21)
  1. Enerkem To Build Cellulosic Ethanol Plant, Go Public
  2. UPM To Make Fuel From Tall Oil
  3. Universities Launch Technology Portal
  4. Solvay Starts Up Fuel Cell In Belgium
  5. Plant-Based Polymers Link Roquette, Rhodia
  6. Nike Looks To Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
  7. Illumina Rejects Roche’s Offer
  8. Teijin Plans Korean Battery Separators
  9. Dishman May Sell Shanghai Site
  10. FMC Will Develop Plant-Based Fungicide
  11. Lonza To Invest In Microreactors
  12. Shanghai Pharma Acquires API Maker
  13. Merck KGaA Buys Into Threshold Cancer Drug
  14. Business Roundup

ACS News

Awards(pp. 47-50)
  1. 2012 ACS National Award Winners
  2. Joel Henry Hildebrand Award In The Theoretical & Experimental Chemistry Of Liquids
  3. ACS Award In Chromatography
  4. F. Albert Cotton Award In Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
  5. Nobel Laureate Signature Award For Graduate Education In Chemistry
  6. Irving Langmuir Award In Chemical Physics
  7. ACS Award In Theoretical Chemistry

Government & Policy

Scientific organizations examine their research collaborations with indigenous groups
(pp. 35-36)
Scientific advances have increased the risk of a biological terror attack
(pp. 30-32)
Expert panel urges U.S. to begin again the search for a radioactive waste site
(pp. 33-34)
  1. Action Sought Against China’s Curb On Rare-Earth Exports
  2. NIST To Catalog Human Cell Lines
  3. Advanced Research On Batteries Planned
  4. Guidelines Offered For Disabled Faculty
  5. ACC Pushes Energy Campaign

Science & Technology

Canadian science communication hub gets a financial boost to increase outreach projects
Scientists search for the compounds responsible for unexplained deaths
Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry answers biological questions
(pp. 39-40)
Concentrates(pp. 2-38)
  1. Easy Route To Microcapsules
  2. Graphene Fights Corrosion
  3. Cellular Sodium-Calcium Exchange Illuminated
  4. Domain Structure Of Cataract Amyloids
  5. Study Firms Up BPA-Diabetes Link
  6. Cancer Drug Helps Mice With Alzheimer’s
  7. Boron Runs Rings Around Metals
  8. A Glimpse Of Glass On Graphene



Editor's Page



Letters(pp. 4-6)
  1. Benefits Of Proanthocyanidins
  2. Intelligence Is Not Required
  3. Proposing Element Names
  4. ACS Election Voter Turnout
  5. U.S. Literacy Rate